Gawker’s memo on today’s staff changes

AJ Daulerio has been promoted to Gawker editor-in-chief, and Tommy Craggs is succeeding him at Deadspin. Here’s the memo announcing the promotions:

From: Nick Denton
To: [Gawker editorial staff]
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 9:05 AM
Subject: Reshuffle at Gawker and Deadspin

We’re making a change at Gawker. Remy Stern is stepping down as editor in chief. His replacement is Deadspin’s AJ Daulerio. Tommy Craggs — currently AJ’s deputy — is taking over at the Gawker sports site.

Remy will be consulting on new editorial initiatives — including a model for biographical and product pages on both Gawker and other sites in the group.

You’re probably wondering: “What the hell?” It’s not as if Gawker in crisis. Since Remy took over some two years ago, the site’s US audience has grown from 3m a month to nearly 5m.

The flagship Gawker Media site has broken stories such as Christine O’Donnell’s Halloween adventure, brought down a Congressman and got under the skin of Fox News with exposes of exurban bullying by both Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. The site is more professional than it’s ever been in both set-piece exclusives and visuals.

But we need to release the full potential of the site’s excellent roster of writers — and fill out the team with new hires. AJ has proven himself as both developer and recruiter of editorial talent. That’s what the site needs right now. Hence the switch.

I’m around this week if you want further explanation of the reshuffle. Whether you’re at Gawker, Deadspin or one of the other sites, email me or just walk over and grab me for a coffee.



New York Observer reports Daulerio “had been lining up opportunities outside Gawker media” before today’s promotion.