Syracuse U. paper puts out special edition

A front page editor’s note says:

The Daily Orange publication calendar did not include a paper for the Monday after Fall Break, but because of the developing stoy about Bernie Fine, former associate head coach for men’s basketball and the allegations of sexual abuse against him, the editors at The D.O. felt it was important to have one. No advertisements appear in the paper to focus on content. We hope our readers will continue to follow the story through The D.O. and, as always, feel free to voice their opinions about the news happening on campus with a Letter to the Editor. Send any comments, concerns or questions to

Gregg Doyel of tweeted Sunday night: “Just wrote 1,000 words on Jim Boeheim. Did it in 45 minutes. When I’m angry, I’m fast. Will post ASAP.” || Here is what he wrote.

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