Firefighters’ blog jumps on ‘NBC Nightly News’ fire alarm story

There were many news stories about Brian Williams calmly delivering the news while a fire alarm went off in his “NBC Nightly News” studio, but my favorite report comes from fire/EMS blog, which used this headline:


STATter911 editor Dave Statter tells me in an email: “Saw your Brian Williams tweet on the fire alarm. Don’t forget he was a volunteer firefighter as a teenager.” Statter tells blog readers that when Williams was a reporter at Channel 5 in Washington, DC in the early 1980s and he was a WTOP radio reporter, “we talked many times while covering stories about our days as volunteer firefighters.”

Williams said several times during Tuesday night’s broadcast that “there is no danger to us,” but some of Statter’s readers still wanted to see the studio evacuated. From the blog’s comments:

This is why the general public does not react to fire alarms either. They also feel that their life must go on and just as important as a news cast. He did remain calm but should have set a better example by leaving. It is only news and not worth anyone’s life or the lives of those that watching his complacency may effect. Also how did he know everything was ok when he stated this?


Glad to see Brian takes fire alarms just as seriously as most of the general public does.



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  1. As I told my readers in a comment, unlike Chet Huntley, Brian Williams didn’t have the luxury of just saying, “David”.