Salon’s Finocchiaro steps down as IvyGate editor

“And you just know the Romenesko-horny reporters smell blood in the water.” — IvyGate, October 26, 2006

The staff at IvyGate got my attention five years ago with that line from a story about the Harvard Crimson firing a columnist for failing to cite sources for a piece about misuse of the word literally. (I did a brief post on it.) I haven’t checked the IvyGate site in years, and wasn’t even aware they were still publishing until I saw a story in today’s Harvard Crimson about Peter Finocchiaro stepping down as editor-in-chief. (The 2010 Cornell grad is now at Crimson contributing writer Sabrina A. Mohamed reports:

Finocchiaro wrote 35 of the 45 stories published in September.

“At a certain point my responsibilities ratcheted up,” Finocchiaro said. “In October, I told Nick [Summers] that I was planning on stepping down. I’m in the process of finding a replacement.”

“If I could keep the site populated with more content, I would,” he added.

The site is owned by Christopher Beam and Nick Summers. The Crimson says the pair will continue overseeing IvyGate.