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Award-winning poet CA Conrad was so upset about Philadelphia magazine putting the Mummers on its list of “10 Things We Need to Get Rid Of” that he wrote numerous all-caps comments on the publication’s Facebook page, then showed up at magazine’s office after he being blocked from further posting. Editor Tom McGrath writes:

Mr. Conrad informed our receptionist that he wouldn’t leave. When that message made it to me, I passed along my business card and again asked that he call or email to set up an appointment.

Again, he refused to leave. At which point, well, we called building security, who apparently escorted the Noted Poet from the building.

CA Conrad

Conrad wrote his own version of what happened at the magazine offices:

They gloated over my removal from the office on Face Book. Oh, and while I was being escorted OUT, one of the magazine’s enforcers said that I was to be arrested if I ever stepped foot inside the building again. NICE!

Have you ever been confronted by an angry reader or viewer at your office? Tell us about it in comments.



  1. Gary Thomas said:

    Once at a small daily a young man showed up in the afternoon, saying that his family home had once existed on the property. He was pleasant, but seemed somewhat confused. Hours later, after the offices had closed, but just before press run, we noticed the man wandering around the building. The sports editor politely got him to leave.

  2. Gary Thomas said:

    Not exactly the question, I know. But, there was some uncertainty and concern, however, as to what sort of reaction this man might have.

  3. John Robinson said:

    A woman and her boyfriend showed up in my office to complain about a cop brief we had published about the woman’s b&e arrest at her ex-husband’s. She was irate, saying she just got what was rightfully hers. The boyfriend kept trying to calm her down. They eventually left after I told them that if the police change the report, we will correct it, too. Two months later, we published the photos of two guys arrested for the murder of a prominent woman in town. You guessed it –one of the guys was the boyfriend in my office that day. He’s in prison now