Declining value of HuffPo internships

A Huffington Post internship sold on for $5,200 this week, reports Jeff Bercovici.

In an auction held last spring, a three-month internship netted a massive $14,400. Last year, one sold for $9,000, and in 2009 the winning bid was $13,000. That price history makes $5,200 look like a serious bargain, and that’s even before you factor in the free soda and the nap rooms.

This post reminded me of an excellent discussion of internships on my site in 2000, with posts from Micki Maynard, Sid Holt, Bruce Bartlett, Doree Shafrir, Keith J. Kelly and many others. (Note: The Wayback Machine pauses for a few seconds before jumping to my old site.)

* May 2010: Media-intern auction winners pay for chance to work for free



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  1. Douglas said:

    It is illegal under the Federal minimum wage laws to employ an unpaid intern unless the intern is receiving college credit for the internship. There is no dispute about this. The interesting question is why the Government does nothing to enforce the law. One answer is that legions of affluent parents are happy to subsidize their precious offspring with unpaid internships – which they rightly believe will give their children a leg up on landing a real job – and so the Government just turns a blind eye to this massive and flagrant law-breaking. The other answer is that most of the offending industries – the ones that depend on illegal unpaid internships – are allies of the Democratic Party – publishing, fashion, Hollywood, news, Wall Street – and have, if you will, earned a little protection.