Gelf Magazine launches ‘Real Or Onion’ app

Real Or Onion — a popular in Gelf Magazine feature — is now a 99-cent iPhone app. Players guess whether the headline is from The Onion or a real news source. (Gelf contributing editor Adam Rosen is credited with the idea.) Sample heds:

* End of the Earth Postponed
* With Pole Lost, So Are Vaulter’s Olympic Dreams
* Canada’s Election Proves Surprisingly Interesting
* Midwestern Tornado Destroys 4 World’s Largest Objects

Gelf editor Michael Gluckstadt says staffers at the Onion “get a kick out of it” — and get a cut of the app proceeds too, of course. Are there more Gelf apps coming? “We’ll see how this one goes and learn from it.”
* From 2008: Todd Hanson tells Gelf about the Onion’s creative process