‘Now you’re on Gawker – this is going to be a big deal!’

The blogger whose post from last Thursday started the brouhaha over the Troy, Mich. mayor’s Facebook comment — posted above — tells me she averaged 100 to 250 pageviews a day since her site’s October 2010 launch. Sharon MacDonell’s Keep Troy Strong blog hit 300 views on Friday, the day after the controversy erupted.

“Late Sunday night my husband came running into the room. He said, ‘Now you’re on Gawker — this is going to be a big deal!”

MacDonell told me she’d never heard of Gawker.

“He just said, ‘That’s the big time.'”

The next day, her site had 2,699 views.

What’s next for MacDonell and her blog?

“I want the blog to be a place to get information. I wish people had been better informed [about Mayor Janice Daniels] before the election.”

* MacDonell praised Troy Patch’s extensive coverage of the controversy