Chicago Tribune subscriber fumes over price increase

He was warned about the Chicago Tribune’s home-delivery price increase.

But the bill was still a shock, and Larry Kart tells me he “tossed it in anger.” Here’s what he writes in an email:

I’m one of many (I assume eventually all) Tribune home subscribers who have been informed that the price for my 13-week, seven-days-a-week subscription has been boosted from (in my case) $42.25 to about $95 (don’t have my new bill in front of me; I think I tossed it in anger). A friend who called about this was told, after a long wait, that this doubled price was to pay for the new, supposedly “better” paper. When my friend expostulated, she was eventually told that they’d give her a “deal” — something like $56 for 13 weeks instead of $95.

One hardly knows where to begin, but either this is a form of corporate suicide, or sheer stupidity, or a plan to get rid of most the paper’s home subscribers (but why would that be thought a good idea?). Especially nefarious here is that many home subscribers are billed automatically (having been urged to sign up for this by frequent offers from the Trib), and thus those subscribers may not notice that their rates have doubled for some time, if ever.

In any case, I won’t pay my bill and will wait for them to contact me with a “deal.” If they do, I might think about it. If they don’t, good-bye.

Best, Larry Kart

I’ve invited a Chicago Tribune spokesperson to comment.