Today’s tweets

Here’s what I tweeted to @romenesko followers today:

* Gannett CEO: We’re extending our paywall “to capture added revenue and profitability from our newspapers”
* San Diego Union-Tribune’s new slogan: “The World’s Greatest Country and America’s Finest City”
* National Punctuation Day organizers announce winners of their annual paragraph contest
* Roger Ebert’s blog and site won’t be a part of the Sun-Times’ paywall plan
* Centre Daily Times says courtroom rules for Sandusky hearing may shock national media
* “CBS Evening News” with Pelley as anchor still in 3rd place, but execs tout program’s recent growth
* Growing number of theaters and performing groups are setting aside “tweet seats,” reports USA Today
* Nick Lemann: “Journalism has to move from being a commodity profession to a value-added profession”
* WSJ managing editor accuses rivals of advancing their own agendas in their hacking coverage
* Most popular online stories for 2011. (No surprise that WSJ’s was “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”)
* McClatchy shares up on news that Oct./Nov. ad revenue fell 5.6% vs. 10% drop in first 9 months of ’11
* AP Sports Editors pick the top newspaper sports websites | Full list



  1. Charles Hartmann said:

    is a daily email service available?

  2. Jim said:

    It’s coming, Charles.