Romenesko listens to podcasts: ‘Here’s the Thing’

I don’t think of Alec Baldwin as a Words With Friends fan; I think of him as an entertaining podcaster. Here are links and excerpts from some recent “Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin” podcasts:

Baldwin interviews Ed Rollins:

BALDWIN: What happened with Huckabee, do you think?

ROLLINS: I think he basically — he had come right out of the governorship. It was sort of like the next thing to do, not that anybody can —

BALDWIN: His heart wasn’t in it.

ROLLINS: This time his heart wasn’t in it. You know, my sense is he’d have been a great candidate.

BALDWIN: I was convinced there was gonna be a duel between Huckabee and Romney.

ROLLINS: It would have been. I – I’m telling you, it would have been. And, and—

BALDWIN: It would have been mano-a-mano.

ROLLINS: No, it would have been mano-a-mano. And I had it all strategized, and that was—


You must be pissed!

ROLLINS: I am. That’s my – I had it and I knew I —

BALDWIN: That was your Game 7 maybe.

ROLLINS: That was my, my game and I’d, I’d spent two years thinkin’ about it. You know but, as I said to him, I can’t want it more than you want it.

Baldwin interviews Chris Rock:

BALDWIN: What was the rehearsal like [for “The Motherfucker with the Hat”]?

ROCK: The rehearsal’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life.

BALDWIN: I always tell people it’s like having the Empire State Building shoved up your sss – one brick at a time.

Baldwin interviews Kris Kardashian Jenner:

BALDWIN: You know, your husband Bruce, he’s a pretty rock rib conservative guy. The Bruce that I knew was in a network of very, you know, kind of moderately conservative – golfing buddies with Arnold. He’s — he’s not a Hollywood liberal, by any stretch. And he and I would joke with each other about that.


BALDWIN: I’d pull up to the school to pick up my daughter in a Prius and Bruce would be like in an Escalade, and he would laugh at me. He’d be like, you know, that’s what you’re driving, buddy?