Conversation starter: Are you expecting a holiday bonus?

Former Los Angeles Times reporter Scott Martelle — he’s now “‘The Boss’ at Self-Employed Writer” — will be throwing his holiday office party on Dec. 16.

We’ll kick things off about 5 p.m. in the Main Office (Scott’s desk) with a cold beer selected by the Drinks Committee (thanks, Scott). Then as the party warms up we’ll move into the kitchen for a non-catered meal of whatever the Food Committee (thanks, Scott) manages to rustle up. …

In a final cost-cutting move, we decided not to include spouses this year (she’s busy that night anyway). We realize that having spouses attend can be a useful disincentive for spur-of-the-moment office “romances,” but ultimately decided it really isn’t necessary.

Memo: Holiday party here at Self-Employed

Are you expecting a holiday bonus (or even a company Christmas party) this year? Let us know in comments