Today’s tweets

What I tweeted to @romenesko followers today:
* Voice of San Diego: “We have had to lay off four of our friends and co-workers”
* When people save an online article to “Read It Later,” do they really do that?

* Five lessons for online news managers to help them compete with new rivals
* Why are cartoonists treated so differently from reporters in cases of plagiarism?
* Don Van Natta Jr. leaves NYT after 16 years to join ESPN investigative team
* Iowa Board of Regents responds to “fairly offensive” letter about soldiers in student paper
* LAT editor addresses reader complaints about “gut-wrenching” Afghanistan bombing photo
* Jonathan Eig’s ChicagoSide sports site debuts Opening Day 2012 with lineup of 36+ writers
* Mayor Bloomberg says police didn’t prevent reporters from covering #OWS
* Student newspaper essay about premarital sex causes uproar at Yeshiva University