Twitter Halls of Fame and Shame

Journalist Danny Glover writes to

Twitter has a way of making heroes and villains of people — those who earn “15 minutes of fame” because of the medium and others (far more of them at this point) who sully their reputations by tweeting before they think. I’ve created two Tumblr blogs to document this cultural phenomenon for posterity:

Twitter Hall of Fame:
Twitter Hall of Shame:

This week alone has seen a flood of new entrants into the Twitter Hall of Shame: three foolhardy congressional staffers, actor Alec Baldwin, the president of Russia, a former Miss USA, an AP sports writer whose company settled a lawsuit with an NBA referee, and a college professor who tweeted a racially charged remark about one of his students. And last week, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback apologized for his staff’s reaction to a student who tweeted something negative about him. Of course, Rep. Anthony Weiner has a spot, too.

Both of these blogs are works in progress. In addition to inducting future nominees, I plan to go back in Twitter history to tell the stories of famous and infamous tweeters of the past. “Crowdsourcing” the research will speed the process along, so it would be great if you could tell your readers about these new blogs and invite them to nominate people.