Man submits fake obit to get off work

A 45-year-old factory worker in Brookville, Pa. was charged with disorderly conduct after placing a obituary for his living mother so he could take three days off from work.

Jeffersonian Democrat editor Randy Bartley tells me that Scott Bennett emailed the brief obituary on Tuesday afternoon — the cause of death and funeral services weren’t listed — and it ran in Wednesday’s paper.

“On Thursday morning, I got a call from the undead woman’s granddaughter telling me her grandmother wasn’t dead,” says Bartley. The employer of the man who placed the fake obit also called the newspaper after trying to send flowers to the local funeral home. The editor then called police.

“I’m sure the funeral director was wondering why he wasn’t getting any calls” from the family, says Brookville police chief Ken Dworek.

He tells me that Bennett “was very remorseful, very sorry” that he emailed the obituary. “He wanted three days off, and that was the reason for it. We charged him with the least thing that we could — disorderly conduct — because he’s going to have enough problems as it is” after being fired from his job.

Editor Bartley tells me he’ll be running a correction in Wednesday’s paper, “although it’s probably redundant at this point. We’ve received calls from the BBC and the AP; [the story’s] got legs.”

* Man prints fake obit of mom to get time off (Associated Press)