Harvard Crimson vs. Harvard Independent

-- A post on the "I Saw You Harvard" website

Abe Liu

The big story on Harvard’s campus today is about a 27-year-old man (at right) who has been living in a freshman dormitory and telling students that he’s a freshman at the college. A commenter at the “I Saw You Harvard” website thought it was a big deal that the Harvard Independent beat the Crimson on the story.

The Harvard Independent tonight perhaps even provided some competition for the Crimson , which was getting a little too heady and comfortable with its space on campus. It’s time to bring a new voice to the Harvard news scene and after tonight, I would welcome The Harvard Independent to that space, embrace it even with open arms.

The Independent posted its “Who Is Abe Liu”? story Tuesday night, then added this update at 1:57 AM Wednesday:

Mr. Liu contacted the reporter via phone earlier this evening. He criticized the sources and suggested that the information was false. He repeatedly denied the reporter’s requests for an interview.

The Crimson’s two-byline story about “lonely” Liu went online this morning, and reported that Liu “specifically insisted that assertions in The Harvard Independent’s story are unfounded.” The reaction on I Saw You Harvard:

I saw you people accusing the Independent of libel. LMAO. Ya’ll are too funny. This Liu guy is a liar and a thief.

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