Letter to Romenesko: No credit – again

From JOHN KELLY: I’ve become accustomed Britain’s Daily Mail ripping off The Washington Post, where I work, and throwing in a few “according to The Washington Posts” to make it seem okay. But I can’t find any credit in this story by a “Daily Mail Reporter.”

Oh, here’s where they got it from, the AP.

The nerve of those limeys….


From the AP:

We’ve alerted the Daily Mail, an AP subscriber, to this latest incident of miscrediting AP content.

Jack Stokes
Manager of Media Relations
The Associated Press



  1. Dale D. said:

    And the uncredited picture of the power plant looks suspiciously like a screenshot from Google Street View. Even a power line on the left side of the photo looks like a clone stamp fail.

  2. Toby Muse said:

    I wrote a story for AFP on an Amazonian town that had
    rejected tourism. From some cubicle in London, someone at the Mail just put their byline on my story. When I sent an email asking him what he was playing at, the reporter replied that I shouldn’t be so petty to worry over my byline but instead rejoice that the town’s situation was receiving more coverage.