NYT’s Baquet disses Chicago Tribune editor

Dean Baquet

New York Times managing editor Dean Baquet said at a University of Southern California journalism forum that Chicago Tribune editor Gerould Kern “knows zero [chuckle] about newspapering. …[and] he was a guy who just gave the right answers to his bosses and never learned how to really be a journalist — to my way of thinking.”

Kern’s response:

I am disappointed that Dean Baquet feels compelled to attack me personally. We disagreed on many issues when he was at the Los Angeles Times, but I always respected him as a person and his viewpoints as a journalist. I still do.

Gerould Kern

Our goal at the Chicago Tribune is to build a news organization that will weather our industry’s current economic hardships and ensure that public service journalism lives on. Fair-minded people will disagree at times about ideas and methods. In time, history will render its judgment.

* Baquet slags Kern (Chicago Reader)