Yale student disputes comment in AP story

Does Holmes think children of American parents are generally spoiled and lazy by comparison? “That’s essentially what I’m trying to say.”From an AP story, “Some Asians’ college strategy: Don’t check ‘Asian'”

“I shall never call ‘children of American parents’ lazy and spoiled ever again — especially since I never did in the first place, and especially because I qualify as one,” Tao Tao Holmes writes in the Yale Daily News, where she’s a staff writer.

Tao Tao Holmes

It is rather frustrating to read an article being disseminated across an entire array of media outlets that has managed to misrepresent nearly everything that I expressed to its author. Then again, as the offspring of a white father and Chinese mother, failing to check “Asian” on my college apps was never a strategy for me; it was merely an aversion to boxing myself into a rigid racial identity.

She admits to feeling “a little sting” after commenter “cowcow” posted that “in my opinion Tao Tao Holmes is an antiwhite racist.” But “I rather enjoyed this forum post”: “LOL at ‘tao tao holmes’ trying to check “white” on the application, just LOL.”

I tried to reach Holmes, but Yale is apparently on holiday break and my call to the student newspaper’s newsroom went to voicemail.

* I never called white kids lazy (Yale Daily News)