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“If Arthur Sulzberger were named Arthur Smith there is no way that he would be running New York Times Co., or any other publicly traded company for that matter,” writes Jonathan Berr. “His track record for shareholders is that bad.” Two years ago, John Koblin named Sulzberger “the media mensch of the year,” citing his support for the news side of the operation. Would the Times publisher get that award in 2011?

*The case against Arthur Sulzberger at New York Times (

Last night I tweeted and posted on my Facebook wall the Reuters story about departing New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson receiving a $15 million-plus exit package. My Facebook wall quickly filled with friends’ reactions:

Ahhh, finally a woman receiving a huge package upon departure.

Pretty amazing when you figure they are probably going to lay off some reporters because of this.

Some reporters? And designers, photogs and editors.

To paraphrase the line from “Broadcast News”: Well, I hope she dies soon.

And copy editors, and proofreaders and fact-checkers and interns. Holy crap.

Context – departing Gannett exec Craig Dubow’s severance/benefits was something like $37M. And he axed waaaay more journalism jobs than the NYT.


That is a lot of hush money. Somebody needs to find out what she’s being hushed up about.

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When Huffington Post Miami launched late last month, Arianna Huffington promised to “dig deeper in an effort to tell the stories of all the people who make up this unique city.” And how many Miami-based HuffPo journalists are doing that? Two, according to Bill Cooke. He reports that Miami Herald staffers are complaining that the HuffPo duo are rewriting their newspaper stories for Huffington Post Miami.

Miami Herald managing editor Rick Hirsch declined to discuss this with Cooke. “I’ll say what I have to say directly to the Huffington Post. There are some things we’ll be discussing soon.” Cooke writes:

Others at the Herald agreed to talk with me on the condition I not use their names.

Of Huffington Post Miami’s practices, one long-time Herald reporter told me, “Sure they link to our stories, but who’s going to click through after they’ve read the entire story on the Huffington Post?”

* Is Huffington Post Miami guilty of theft? (Random Pixels)

“This is the creation of a technologically-enabled content company,” veteran newspaper executive Timothy Knight says in the story about the Chicago Sun-Times being sold to an investment group for about $20 million. He says the printed paper will remain important “for the foreseeable future,” but he’ll concentrate on using technology to reach readers.

* Chicago-based investment group buys Sun-Times Media
* Sun-Times will focus on giving specialized content to online readers
* Sun-Times chairman tells employees that the company is profitable