Why the AP has so many temp job postings

A reader asks:

So what’s with all these AP “temporary reporter” job postings that seem to be suddenly showing up? Does AP not want to commit to being solvent for another year?

His email includes AP’s advertised positions copied and pasted from from this Google News search link.

Associated Press spokesman Paul Colford gives me the answer:

We’re hiring staffers to help cover the state legislative systems, something we’ve done for years and years. They come on board in certain states, working with the full-time statehouse reporters on staff to help us cover the surge of activity in state capitals when the legislatures convene.

AP’s 50-state footprint includes more than 700 editorial staffers dedicated to state coverage – 125 of them covering state government alone.



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  1. Gwen Florio said:

    Make that years and years and years. I got my start in journalism 30-some years ago with a temporary legislative relief job at the AP in Des Moines.