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A journalist who asks to remain anonymous sends this email:

Sometimes the actions of publishers astound me. After the recent shooting at Virginia Tech, Tamara Dietrich, a columnist at the Daily Press in Newport News, Va., wrote a column that portrayed the school as snake-bit and a dangerous place to get an education. The column ran on A1 as a sidebar to the main story about the death of police officer Deriek Crouse, although it received more type real estate. As expected, Hokie nation rose up and complained en masse about the column, flooding the paper with calls and emails over it. Publisher Digby Solomon wrote an apology a few days later, but it was buried inside. What makes the story interesting, though, is that it appears the Daily Press has scrubbed the offending column from its website. Solomon’s apology is still there, but any links to the column that I found in numerous blogs results in a page not found error.

The reader sent a second email a short time later:

I managed to finally find a cached page of the column. Here’s the link.

I have invited the publisher, columnist and vice president of content to comment.

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