NY Post pulls out the Sulzberger black eye photo – of course!

The New York Post calls yesterday’s New York Times email screwup “a comedy of errors” and once again uses its nearly decade-old photo of publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. sporting a black eye. (A few other uses: In 2009, for story about the Sulzberger clan’s financial woes; and in 2007, to accompany a story about the paper killing TimesSelect.)

NYTer Michael Roston tweets: Why yes, New York Post, I bet your readership really does consider our Wed. e-mail fuck-up to be front page news

The story behind the black eye: Sulzberger was the victim of a bike-by punching, according to an April 21, 2002, Associated Press story.

Recalling when New York Post fell for Heywood Jablome: Romenesko reader Randy Dotinga reminded me yesterday of my 2001 story about “a priceless howler” in the Post (second item): the tabloid ran a man-in-street quote from 41-year-old Manhattan real estate agent who identified himself as Heywood Jablome.

In other Times news, Cornell professor Daniel Schwarz, who says he’s had “a lifelong love affair with the New York Times,” is coming out with a book titled “EndTimes? Crises and Turmoil at The New York Times, 1999-2009.” Ann Marie Martin writes:

Dan told me he conducted about 45 interviews starting in 2004 and continuing into 2008 when he began to write the book. Then he went back in 2010 “for a retrospective view.”

“I interviewed every living executive editor of the Times,” he said, “as well as a good number of the masthead figures and a good number of the section editors.”

Along with a good overview of the Times’ history and recent past, Dan focuses on an issue facing all newspapers in the digital age: Will there still be a print edition in 10 to 15 years?

Read more about Schwarz’s book, which comes out in March.