Sheriff distributes Fort Myers News-Press columnist’s decades-old criminal record

Fort Myers News-Press columnist wrote last week about Lee County (Fla.) Sheriff Mike Scott and his associates fraternizing with a felon. After that column ran…

Scott released an email with my criminal history to all sheriff’s office users at 5:39 p.m. Tuesday. That’s close to 1,600 people. Scott’s email followed through on a threat he made earlier that he planned to expose my criminal record via social media and would buy advertisements in local newspapers, including this one.

The columnist told readers this week about that criminal record: twenty-seven years ago, when he was sports editor at the Sanford Herald, he hit a bicyclist while driving home from a bar.

I knew I hit something, but wasn’t sure what. I did a U-turn at the next light and circled back. I couldn’t find the spot, so I pulled into a strip mall to turn around. My right-front tire went flat, punctured by the bicycle.

While changing the tire, a Casselberry police officer approached me. I told him of my dilemma. My worst fears were realized. I was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injury and DUI, which was dropped.

I was lucky. The victim recovered.

he columnist says the sheriff “can try to change the focus of this investigation to me and my arrests, but it won’t work. It’s about the sheriff’s behavior.”

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