Ad Age *did not* name Rihanna’s Armani ad year’s sexiest

Rihanna for Armani

Advertising Age editors were surprised to read in the Daily Mail and elsewhere that they did a sexiest-ad poll and Rihanna’s work for Armani came up the winner.

“After seeing the attention the sexiest-ad survey got, we kind of wish we’d done one.”

The Daily Mail tells Ad Age that it heard about the poll via a press release from TNI Press Ltd. that said “the 23-year-old singer’s daring display was hailed the best of the year in a poll of advertising industry chiefs carried out by U.S. magazine Advertising Age.”

Ad Age’s Nat Ives writes: “We called and wrote TNI but haven’t heard back.”

* Did Ad Age name Rihanna’s Armani ad the sexiest of the year?



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  1. It looks like Rihanna, through the publicity company TNI Press, just pulled off the same stunt that legendary press agent Henry Rogers did for Rita Hayworth back in the 1930s. Give a starlet a fake award and then publicize it. Got Hayworth a spread in Look magazine….