Fox News seems neutral among GOP field

The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi says Fox News has yet to crown any one Republican candidate as the eventual nominee, even though the network “seemed poised to play a kingmaking role in the 2012 primaries.” Farhi writes:

Campaign watchers are hard-pressed to detect a tilt by the network toward one candidate. Even the two candidates who have worked for Fox News as on-air contributors, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, don’t appear to have had any special access or advantage during the campaign.

A Stanford poli-sci prof says if the GOP field narrows to two candidates, Fox is more likely to pick sides and tout a candidate it believes has the strongest chance to defeat President Obama in the fall.

* Despite kingmaking expectations, Fox News seems neutral among GOP field



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  1. Well, maybe Fox News hasn’t come right out and endorsed anyone, but I hardly think they’re neutral. The Fox/right-wing talk machine has refrained from much actual praise of Romney (they know how unpopular he is with their core audiences), but they’ve been undercutting all of the various anti-Romnies who have lately threatened the Crown Prince. You won’t hear any good words about Ron Paul, Rick Perry, or Newt Gingrich in the right-wing media these days.