‘Overwhelming demand’ for Sunday Fort Worth Star-Telegram as coupon-mania grips the nation

Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy tweets:

As 2012 begins, @startelegram demand is so high that one store now limits Sunday sales to 3 copies per customer

I ask if coupon-mania is behind that.

Kennedy responds:

Yes, it looks like Dollar Tree draws the coupon crowd. But I love any reference to the “overwhelming demand” for newspapers



  1. Ed Murrieta said:

    dollar stores generally discount daily/sunday newspaper prices, by 50 cents or a dollar. what’s the store price on these sunday papers?

  2. donotpublish said:

    Except nobody wants the papers, they just want the coupons, so the paper is not in any demand.

    My email isn’t published and my name isn’t relevant so why collect such worthless unnecessary information?