A conservative journalist at Medill

— From an election story in today’s Daily Northwestern

Seeing that paragraph about a Medill freshman supporting Rick Santorum reminded me of a little controversy in the summer of 2010 over a recent Medill graduate’s claim that the Northwestern journalism school leans left. Brian Schneider wrote in the Daily Caller:

I was called a “lone wolf” by one professor for having conservative views. I often hear professors, guest speakers and classmates mock Fox’s “fair and balanced” slogan. What I am forced to ask is whether it’s ethical for some of a journalism school’s professors to participate in such a culture.

Brian Schneider

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters criticized Schneider’s piece and wrote that “this recent college grad will likely have a bright, right-wing future writing dubious blog posts for Newsbusters.”

He was wrong about that. Today Schneider is a lacrosse coach at Yale.