The story behind stained glass Tebow

Buffalo News designer Vince Chiaramonte tells Charles Apple about Dan Zakroczemski’s Christmas Eve illustration:

Stained-glass is a tough style to do well and keeping the look somewhat primitive was the key to the drawing. The headline [“In Tim They Trust”] perfectly complemented the drawing and the newsroom gave us a lot of thumbs up. It can be a touchy thing when you combine religion with pretty much anything, especially sports.

The bow on this present was when the NFL Network emailed me to request our Saturday Bills advance cover. Tebow equals ratings and I had a feeling they would give the cover some love on air.

* The story behind the Buffalo News’ faux stained-glass illustration of Tim Tebow



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  1. LC said:

    Oh look, here’s Knilands shaking his fist at the clouds again. Divine work by Vince and Zak.