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“Relentless and cynical traffic-trawling is bad for the soul,” writes Gawker boss Nick Denton. “Yes, I just said that.” Read what else he tells his staff in his “State of Gawker Media” memo. || Gawker blogger fired for post about Kanye West

One of my favorite time-killers is reading tweets from Jesus_M_Christ, then jumping to his (should that be capital H?) Facebook page and reading his wall posts. Here’s one of the best tongue-lashings that I’ve seen on Christ’s wall:

You think this is funny dude? I don’t like how you’re mocking Jesus Christ like this. The One who was beaten to death and hung on a tree. It was all for you people. Like Him or not, this isn’t cool. At least have some respect! You don’t see/hear us Christians mocking You! We respond with Love. Please forgive them Lord, for they do not know what they are doing.

Jesus_M_Christ couldn’t be reached for comment. (I really tried, too.)

* Jesus_M_Christ on Twitter and Facebook

* Olbermann is famous for estranging himself from his bosses; at Current TV, he’s done it in record time
* Reaction at NYDN to Colin Myler being named editor was “shock”and “surprise”
* News orgs file open records request for university’s emails about Stephen Bloom
* Frank Deford offends some blacks in NPR Morning Edition pieces. Ombud: His sin is a venial one

There’s a lot of chatter on the Internet today about the firing of longtime Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman. Five years ago today, I posted an NPR story about critics boycotting the Voice’s Pazz & Jazz poll to show their support for fired music critic Robert Christgau.

Here’s my post from January 5, 2007

Many critics say they won’t be voting in VV’s Pazz & Jop poll
Some are still upset about the firing of longtime Village Voice music critic Robert Christgau. “He was one of three or four people who invented rock criticism,” says the New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jones. “When you fire Bob Christgau, you know, it’s a slap in the face to so many of us in so many ways.”

* David Carr: Hoberman out at Voice, curtain drops on an era
* Ousted Voice critic Hoberman posts farewell on new blog
* Village Voice music poll undermined by Internet (2007)

A few days ago, the New York Times guild invited its members to post messages to publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. Only a few journalists have bothered to do that so far. Here are a few things they’re telling the boss:

I feel that the gap between what Janet Robinson will be leaving with, and what we are being offered, is simply wrong.

This is the moment for you to step up, to show we’re not merely anonymous numbers, that you care for our well-being, the same way we care for the integrity, and well-being of this great newspaper.

The disconnect between the praise lavished upon us and the dismissive treatment we have experienced in negotiations has reached grotesque proportions.

*Read more New York Times staffers’ quotes

This list comes from Mashable’s Sam Laird:
1. @AdamSchefter “I love big stories outside of football and try to share with readers the ones I think are important,” he says.
2. @ErinAndrews She has “a wealth of behind-the-scenes interviews.”
3. @SI_PeterKing “Tweets prolifically and responds to his followers’ comments and questions often.”
4. @Buster_ESPN “A go-to source for fans of America’s pastime.”
5. @jadande “I seek out interaction with my followers and retweet the best responses,” he says.
6. @JayGlazer “Stream of updates, opinions and analysis.”
7. @Chris_Broussard “Tweets can come in spurts,” but…
8. @JayBilas “A mix opinions, insightful analysis and rap lyrics.”
9. @mortreport He says: “Time allowing, I also use Twitter to answer questions from my followers.”
10. @PeteThamelNYT “Must-follow for any college sports fan.”
11. @sportsguy33 “…often hilarious 140-character takes on the sports world.”

* Sportswriters you need to follow on Twitter

I sent this Adweek story to @romenesko followers earlier this morning and it was widely retweeted, with comments like “Awesome! Go Target!” and “That kid is crazy photogenic. Love it.” I thought I’d post it here in case you missed the tweet.
* Boy with Down syndrome becoming an unlikely advertising star

The 80-year-old media mogul links to a Daily story about Mitt Romney winning the Iowa caucuses, but strangely mentions the St. Louis/Texas World Series in his tweet summary. As Charles Apple would say, Rupert Murdoch needs a copy editor.

Minneapolis newsman Nick Coleman says his first editor, Charles W. Bailey (above), was “one of the last newspaper editors who had the courage — and the decency — to quit rather than follow orders to gut his news organization.”

Bailey, who died on Tuesday at age 82, “fell on his sword rather than carry out the wishes of the bean counter in the publisher’s office, a small-time Republican pol from Massachusetts named Donald Dwight who had been that state’s Lieutenant Governor but who would spend a long time hiding in his Star and Tribune publisher’s office ducking a subpoena from a Massachusetts corruption probe.”
* Chuck Bailey: The Last Decent Newspaperman
* Ex-Minneapolis Tribune editor “lived, breathed politics”
* Charles W. Bailey, 82, dies; wrote “Seven Days in May”

The Iowa City Press-Citizen and other news outlets filed a public records request to obtain emails sent to the University of Iowa president that commented on journalism professor Stephen Bloom’s controversial Atlantic magazine story. You can read them here (PDF format). In December, Bloom let me post the emails he’s received from supporters.
* University of Iowa president hears it from community over Bloom article