A newsman’s thoughts on NYT Co. leaving Alabama

As The New York Times Co. prepares to close the sale of its Regional Media Group papers to Halifax Media, Dana Beyerle reflects on Alabamians’ relationship with the company’s flagship paper:

When the sale of the regional papers was announced, comments on our web pages were not kind. They went like this: New York Times, I hope you fail, you liberal, lying rag.

In conservative Alabama that’s not a surprising reaction to the great New York Times that certain people love to trash. Sometimes when people ask what I do, I tell them. Invariably the New York Times link comes up. They just stare and I know they want to trash the Times. Most are too polite.

Beyerle has good things to say about the company, though: “In going on 22 years in the capital bureau, I’ve never once had anyone from the New York Times tell me how to do a story, what to cover, how to cover it, what to include or not include, except for requests for local help as a stringer.”

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