Yearbook editors say senior portrait too sexy

Sydney Spies

Today’s the deadline for Durango (Colo.) High School students to submit the photos they want used in the yearbook, and the shot on the right is the one that Sydney Spies and her mother have chosen.

Initial reports said school administrators wouldn’t allow the girl’s photo in the book because her attire violated the dress code, which requires that tops “fully cover the chest, back, abdomen and sides of the student.” But today’s Durango Herald says it was student editors who rejected the image.

“The administration really had nothing to do with it,” Tevan Trujillo, a student yearbook editor, told the paper. “It was us.”

Brian Jaramillio, another editor, adds: “We are an award-winning yearbook. We don’t want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional.”

The girl’s picture could still run in the section reserved for paid senior advertisements, the editors said. “Those ads usually feature ‘shout-outs’ from friends and family and are located at the back of the yearbook,” reports the Herald’s Paige Blankenbuehler.

Spies — here she is on Facebook — claims the student journalists caved in. “The editors all turned their backs on me and changed their minds. I really do feel like they were intimidated by the principal.”

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The story got a lot of reaction after I posted it on my Facebook wall yesterday:

Erik Tunison
A very tasteless photo for a high school yearbook and protesting this is just a waste of time. I laughed when I saw the photo.I see a great career for her as a pole dancer.-jo tunison

Sarah Loyd
The thing that kills me about this story is that the MOM is fighting for the picture! Someone’s trying to get a reality show!

Brian Jones
Could mom have at least let her daughter PICK a stripper name instead of saddling her with one at birth?

Paul Sloth
take a gander at your neighborhood photo studio. this isn’t the first high school senior to pose for a provocative senior class portrait, just the first to make it into the insatiable 24-hour news cycle. she clearly has the kind of self-promotional skills necessary to cut it in today’s world. my guess is, she and her mother want to make it into future constitutional law textbooks. that’s why they’re doing this.

Victoria Camron
I live in Denver; the girl told one of the tv stations that she wants to be a model. The whole thing is, not surprisingly, a publicity stunt.



  1. Thomas Boyd said:

    The high schooler bent on looking like a trollop in her high school yearbook brought to mind Thomas Berger, certainly one of the most under-appreciated writers in America. Berger wrote in one of his excellent novels (and perhaps I paraphrase from memory): The United States is the only country in world where a woman can act like a whore, dress like a whore, and look like a whore, and then get offended when you treat her like a whore.

  2. ivan said:

    With all respect to the youth, she looks attractive and she is no more than a beautiful
    young lady. let’s behave a little more mature and keep everyone’s reputation where it belongs.

    This remains a free country last time i check.