NYT carrier’s classy farewell letter

@KatieS: Sad day for my @nytimes delivery man. Laid off as they find a cheaper delivery service.

The San Francisco-based woman’s follow-up tweet:

@KatieS: Thanks to everyone for the kind words (and better yet, some great job leads!) for our classy @nytimes delivery man.



  1. Hey, when you have to come up with the scratch for multi-million dollar payoffs to your execs you gotta cut somewhere.

  2. Kenneth said:

    I feel for this guy, but there’s a bit of history missing from the story. All paper boys and girls lost their jobs 25 years ago to people like him — “auto routes,” as they were known — thus depriving a generation of kids one of the few jobs they were allowed to have before turning 16. (No schadenfreude, just a tidbit worth noting.)