An honest mistake, but…

“It was not our intent to make a connection between child pornography and same-sex marriage. I can see how people would make that connection, certainly. We certainly regret that people got upset about it.”
Jim Kresse, head of the Tacoma News Tribune’s copy editors

* Today in the proven connection between gay marriage and child porn
* “The third item I’ve posted today about a newspaper in Washington state”



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  1. (1) The people who think this is yet another conservative conspiracy are idiots. Of course, that sentiment holds true for the many who twist every issue into the right vs. left battle for our very souls.

    (2) This is a case where the people who trumpet packaging with every breath need to take a rest and think. Is it really worth “linking” largely unrelated stories whenever remotely possible?

    (3) Careful page proofing — it can be your friend if you want it to be. Changing “disc” to “disk” or inserting 35 optional commas at deadline? No. Spotting things like this? Big yes.