Tavis Smiley still hasn’t been invited to the Obama White House

Tavis Smiley said this week on C-SPAN’s “American Journal”:

I was asked a question by C-SPAN, ‘Have you interviewed the President? Have you been to the White House?’ I was specifically asked a question and I answered it. The next day headline is ‘Smiley whines about the fact that he’s not been to the White House.’ So I want to just say that I did not just say that, I was answering a question. The bottom line is I know full well whether or not I’ve been invited to the White House and I hadn’t said anything about it until I was asked about it. Nothing has changed since I was last at this table with regard to being invited to the White House, with regard to my interview request of this president being honored. He continues to talk to everybody else but us, and that’s his choice. I don’t lose sleep about it, I don’t whine about it. Somebody will take this comment out of context here again, and I’m just answering your question, nothing has changed since I was last here.

* (August 2011) Smiley: Obama is the first president who hasn’t invited me to the White House