TBD.com has advice for Colorado’s governor

Colorado’s governor on Thursday announced a new program called TBD Colorado. (“TBD Colorado will focus on listening and not imposing top-down, government-driven solutions,” Gov. John Hickenlooper said in his “State of the State” address.)

Current and former TBD.com staffers advise the governor to rethink using TBD, because it just confuses people. (To be determined? Huh?)

“I just remember having to repeat it over and over again for people,” says Dave Jamieson, who worked at TBD as a transportation reporter and now reports on workplace issues for the Huffington Post.

“Once you’re tied to an entity named TBD,” he says, “you start to realize how many people don’t have an idea what that refers to. Once you do explain that, they’ll ask you what needs to be determined. And by that time you are very far from the topic you need to be discussing.”

* TBD Colorado: Don’t do it!