Will Michael Golden be named NYT Co. chief executive?

Michael Golden

Is Michael Golden — cousin of Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. — about to move into Janet Robinson’s former office? A tipster believes there’s more evidence that the former International Herald Tribune publisher will be named Times Co. CEO. Here’s the email:

The day prior to the closure of the sale [of New York Times Regional Media Group papers to Halifax Media], we were encouraged to print our performance reviews, paychecks, etc. from the NYT portal, in case we needed them at any point and were to lose access abruptly. In retrieving the reviews, their Times Talent employee management system forces you into an Organizational Chart view of the company. I’ve been in this view many times in completing my review, and I can assure you, that in the past, the only employees that had a reporting role directly to Michael Golden, were the Regional Media Group Publishers, his secretary, and the Digital VP and CFO for the RMG. However, it appears as though things changed upon my last login, at which point, nearly every employee who reported to Janet in the chart, now has a solid line to Michael, who directly reports to Art, along with a few folks that were under Janet now realigned under Art, the Editors and news staff that have always directly reported to him, and Janet with zero reporting employees as well.

I don’t know if this may be something you’ve already seen in the past, but with the speculation of Cousin Michael being the potential new Janet, this draws a bit of speculation, so I thought you might enjoy having it.

Also, in regards to your “No Jeans in the Newsroom” policy with Halifax, that’s company wide now. It applies to the ad artists, business office and accounting, the pagination team, that occasionally is subjected to plate and pressroom chemicals and ink, maintenance, etc. Many employees, who thought that because of paragraph two of the dress code, which advises that “business attire” is only necessary for sales staff and people who deal with the public, that the ones that were free and clear of those conditions would be able to take the more “casual” approach of jeans and a polo.

* Earlier: With nothing on Golden’s plate after NYT RMG sale, one inside rumor to catch fire is that he’s being positioned for the CEO job



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    Isn’t this similar to inbreeding among hillbillys?