Daily Archives: January 15, 2012

John Paton

“John Paton has riveted colleagues and competitors with the blitzkrieg pace of change. Everyone in the news business talks about expanding their footprint online, but Paton has pushed more aggressively in that direction and on a bigger scale than any other major executive.” — James Rainey on Digital First Media’s CEO
* Paton pushes media empire beyond print past

Here are some of the weekend tweets to @romenesko followers:
* How an ex-Ad Age writer got Bruce Springsteen to follow him on Twitter: he launched @SpringsteenSays

* Largest foreclosure trustee in Northwest is buying/starting newspapers to publish required legal notices

* Ami Magazine editor says “we may apologize” in next issue for photo of White House draped in Nazi flags

* Charles Apple: Metro’s cheap-shot Tim Tebow cover “was totally unfair and uncalled for. …I *love* it”

* Louisville basketball coach criticizes Courier-Journal story that he hasn’t read

William Gibson

Science-fiction author William Gibson talks to WSJ about his iPad (and other things):

I’ve watched myself very carefully in my first week of being a tablet user, and I did experience some amazement and in a way it caused me to recalibrate my view of what you could do with a personal computer. But now, I take it for granted, and that’s the weird thing that happens with new technology. It requires an act of conscious archaeology now, for me to go back and imagine what it was like before I had this little portable thing with scarcely any moving parts.

* Sci-Fi writer William Gibson on his iPad

At about half of its 4,335 stores, Dollar Tree sells $2 or more Sunday newspapers for just a buck. A spokeswoman for the discount chain confirms what I reported on Jan. 3: that some stores have a 3-papers-per-customer policy. The Virginian-Pilot circulation boss says that after 7-Eleven stores, Dollar Tree sells more copies of the V-P than any other retailer.
* Sunday paper price is one hot ticket at Dollar Tree