NBC News media relations freaks out

NBC News to Gawker: “Can you please have the post of Brian Williams’ email to Nick Denton taken down immediately? That was sent in confidence as friends and absolutely never intended to be public. A speedy removal would go a long way in maintaining the trust and respect we have for your site.”

Part of that Williams email: “….it was a fallow holiday period for those of us who check your shit 10 times a day by iphone.”

* Read what they’re saying about this on Twitter



  1. I’m baffled as to why Denton would even let that be published, unless he had Brian Williams’s permmission.

    I mean, I *know* why Denton published it, of course, but it seems like a not-so-nice thing to do with a personal e-mail.

  2. Hey, NBC wouldn’t want Williams confused with Anderson Cooper.