‘You have to judge Narisetti by the end results’

From a self-described “disgruntled former employee” of the Washington Post: I can’t let this idea of [departing Washington Post managing editor Raju] Narisetti as a digital visionary go unchallenged. He may have had great ideas, but you have to judge him by the end results: a desktop web site that loads too damn slow, has video that doesn’t work on an iPad and can’t present a mobile version of a story to a mobile device; a mobile site that lacks an article-search function and won’t display story comments; a series of mobile apps that function like packaged versions of the mobile site; the Godawful mess that is Methode that caused some of these issues. (There’s no mobile redirect because web and mobile-web stories are separate slugs in the system.)

On a personal level, what bugged me about him was his inability to speak directly to me when he had bad news. If he was pissed off about my work, I would only know about when my editor would summon me into his office to onpass the complaint. It wasn’t that he didn’t know my e-mail address; he had no problem sending over story suggestions.
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