Onward State editor gets support after resigning over erroneous Paterno report

Veteran sports journalist Jason Whitlock reached out to Devon Edwards late Saturday night after the Penn State student resigned as managing editor of Onward State for reporting that Joe Paterno had died.

“Can’t express how proud I am of the way you handled your mistake. You have the integrity to be an awesome journalist,” Whitlock wrote in one tweet. He said in another: “@Devon2012 please keep me in the loop on if u need assistance getting established in the business.”

“Thanks, Jason,” the student replied. “I really appreciate the kind words.”

A preacher from Culpepper, Virginia, told Edwards in a tweet: “You made a mistake. It happens. You owned up to it. That almost never happens. That’s ok in my book.”

Preacher Adam Shellenbarger< added: “Actually, your situation tonight lends itself perfectly for my sermon tomorrow. I’ll give you tons of praise. May I use it?”

“Go for it,” tweeted Edwards.

Edwards declined my interview request this morning. He wrote in an email:

Thanks for reaching, but right now, I’m just going to stay quiet and try and let this whole thing blow over. I appreciate you approaching me to tell my side of the story, but I think the statement on Facebook and our site says all that I could and would like to at this time.

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