If you ran a newspaper…

Former Greensboro News & Record editor John Robinson asks:

What would you do if you ran a newspaper and discovered that:
* Half of your employees — including those in circulation — don’t subscribe?
* Half of your employees — including those in the newsroom — don’t read the paper (except for their own stories)?
* Half of your employees don’t subscribe to your e-newsletters?
* Half of your employees don’t have your website as the homepage on their computers?

“I believe there is a great deal of information within your own workforce that can guide you to improve your paper and digital presence,” writes Robinson. “If you can get them to be honest in explaining why the paper isn’t worth their time to read or money to subscribe, then that should guide some improvements.”

*What would you do if you ran a newspaper and…?

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  1. I’d be more interested in hearing why more than half the people who are paid to read the articles get away with not reading them.

    And why more than half the people who write articles get away with making the same mistakes over and over, even when they could read the paper and see what had been corrected before.

  2. Lois Lane said:

    Good one Knilands.

  3. Ed Murrieta said:

    Employees should get free newspapers. If not, then there should never be layoffs, for that would eliminate both employees and subscribers.

  4. MNL said:

    I’m often stunned by how few people in newsrooms read the paper. I don’t read much of our local section — too many government stories from towns I don’t live in, and petty crime news, and I don’t read our living section, because it’s all canned shit from out of town — but I do try to tell my colleagues when they do good work.

    I know subscriptions here fell hard when it went from decades of free subscriptions for employees to having to pay half price.