Devon Edwards will remain on Onward State staff

I asked Onward State founder and general manager Davis Shaver about interview requests, media coverage of Onward State’s error, and the role that former managing editor Devon Edwards will now have in his news organization. Shaver’s email:

I have not been receiving as many media requests as former managing editor Devon Edwards. Most notably, [ProPublica social media editor] Dan Victor and I will be chatting in a few minutes.

Davis Shaver

I feel that the reports and commentary are fair. We committed a grave mistake last night, and dealt severe damage to our credibility and reputations both personal and organizational. As I mentioned in my post, though, it is our intent to learn everything possible from this experience to ensure it doesn’t happen again. For an organization that’s just over three years old, there are still many ways for us to improve, and this is just the latest evolutionary stage of our editorial process.

Devon will remain affiliated with the organization as a Staff Member. He is an experienced Penn State student journalist, and a valuable member of our team. The mutually-reached decision for him to resign his position as managing editor indicates complete and unreserved accountability for our mistake; however, Devon did not err out of malice or other ill-intent, and therefore we did not think it necessary for him to be removed from the organization entirely.

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