Ex-Onward State editor will be OK

I asked Dan England to elaborate. Here’s what the Greeley Tribune adventure and entertainment editor told me:

I said a principal was fired at a school when she wasn’t; [it was] based on a note an editor gave me. I failed to confirm it because I couldn’t reach anyone and wrote a brief anyway because I didn’t want to get beat. It cost me my job, but I found a better one a month and a half later and it turned out to be a good learning experience for me about the precariousness of our job and how it’s our job to make sure we’ve got things right first, even if it means we’re not first to report it. I’ve never remotely had any problems again. In fact I’ve won many state and national awards and still appreciate the chance to be a journalist every day. My only advice is to obviously learn from it and take what I said to heart and he should be fine.

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