Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

“It’s a fake,” writes Charles Apple. “A pretty funny one. But a fake nonetheless. One that a lot of people today have assumed was real.” He posts solid proof that it’s a mock-up.
* No, this is NOT a real front page from the Washington Post

David Carr explains why Esquire’s formula works:

“Esquire looks and feels like something a bunch of guys put together for a bunch of other guys, not a glossy widget produced by a big corporation.

“There is a bawdy sensibility, partly lifted from lad magazines before they lost their heat, but there’s not a lot that’s dumb or rank. Esquire is something a regular guy can open up without feeling like a frat boy or a fop.”

The magazine’s ad pages were up 13.5% last year, while GQ and Details showed declines. “Esquire is not dying — it is killing it,” notes Carr.
* How Esquire survived publishing’s dark days

Tom Curley

Associated Press president and CEO Tom Curley says he will retire this. The 63-year-old newsman, who went to the AP in 2003 after serving as USA Today publisher, will stay the job on until AP’s search committee finds a successor. Your thoughts on his tenure and who might succeed him? Please post them in comments.
* AP CEO Tom Curley to retire; board launches search for successor