Tweets from a frustrated editor

— Tweets from senior editor Doree Shafrir, who is headed to BuzzFeed to edit its culture coverage.

Speaking of BuzzFeed: It’s profiled today by American Journalism Review’s Carl Straumsheim. Editor-in-chief Ben Smith tells him: “I think that we are more like the New York Times than we are like Reddit. We’re a news organization, basically. Every day, we ask ourselves, ‘How are we going to outdo what we did yesterday?'”

* Doree Shafrir’s Twitter feed
* The buzz about BuzzFeed



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  1. Sorry, but being on time is the most important, because if you blow deadline, all the rest is irrelevant. (Assuming we’re talking about print – online is a bit different, but only a bit.)

    Of course, making deadline is not enough by itself – it is necessary but not sufficient, as the wonks say.