Warren Jeffs has spent thousands on newspaper ads

Ads that have run in the New York Times, Washington Post and several other newspapers claim that Jesus is coming back soon to judge America for its sins, including abortion and persecuting polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs, who is serving a life sentence in Texas for sexually assaulting two “child brides.” Bob Smietana writes:

Warren Jeffs

The ads probably are a sign that Jeffs may be losing control of the group he has led since 2002. Stuart Wright, a professor of sociology at Lamar University in Texas, said that Jeffs has about 8,000 followers. But some have lost faith in him since he was jailed last year.

“I think he is having real trouble,” said Wright, co-editor of Saints Under Siege, a study of a 2008 raid on a polygamist compound in Texas.

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