Washington Post’s shrinking newsroom

A tipster writes:

This is a couple weeks old, but apparently is just now surfacing and causing an uproar in the Washington Post newsroom

He’s referring to departing Post managing editor Raju Narisetti’s remarks posted by the D.C. chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

UPDATE:Another source questions whether the NAHJ post is “just surfacing” in the newsroom, and says “there’s no uproar that I can find.” Anyone care to go on the record? Email me, please.

Here’s the most interesting passage:

“Narisetti said the Post will likely eliminate about 100 positions in the next two years. He made the candid assessment during a discussion with members of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Washington, D.C. Chapter on January 11. The cuts do not necessarily mean layoffs and could come from buyouts like ones the Post has done in the past. This sort of projection, he explained, can be made if one considers the changing nature of the news industry.”

In an interview posted yesterday, Narisetti told Andrew Phelps that during his tenure, “we changed the overall structure of the newsroom. In all this we ended up reducing our workforce by close to 200+ people.”

* Narisetti says Washington Post newsroom will shrink