Conversation-starter: What kind of Facebook subscribers are you getting?

Facebook is reporting that “the average journalist has seen a 320% increase in [Facebook] subscribers since November 2011.” My question is: does that include the spam subscribers? Let’s take a look the ten most recent subscribers to my Facebook updates:
– Santos Vicente Valde Zgallo
– Kadir Daghan
– Ebn Jabal
– Kinq ÖzMert
– Giova Vltj Landa Contreras
– Anne Marie Moonshine (from “New zeland”)
– Maria Becker Fowler
– Mert Cumur
– ‏الزعيم اسلام محمد‏ [Arabic]
– Jasmin Halilovic

Really? These people are interested in reading my posts about American journalism? (OK, Maria Becker Fowler might be; she works at USA Today.)

What’s the quality of your Facebook subscription list? Please post in comments.

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  1. My subscribers, on the whole, seem to be legit, with the possible exception for a “woman” from Lagos, Nigeria. Seriously. But it’s not as if I’m Jim Romenesko or something; I only have 16.

  2. [reposting my comment here in this bizarre parallel comment stream] Are we now equating large number of subscribers with higher value? Because I’ve never found that to be the case with blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc….

  3. Lora Kolodny said:

    Thanks for bringing more attention to this. I’m using the quality of comments as one measure of the value of all these far-flung, random subscribers. A bit of spot-research I did on Jan. 18-19:

    “I left the comments on one thread unweeded, and counted up spam after a day. Only 20 were legit comments either written in full sentences in English or written in a language with a translation available that included something understandable about the topic at hand. Out of 59 total comments, 39 were spam. So. That’s 66% spam. If I took out the comments that were about how annoying the spammers are? The spam percent of total would jump even higher. Nobody, not even the most dedicated social media fanatic or reporter or both, has time for this. Facebook developers? Ya heard?!”

  4. Nikki Kimbleton said:

    So glad you’re blogging about this. I’m gaining around 1600 subscribers per day. There’s now a joke at work that I’m huge in Dubai. Nearly all of the 14,000 new followers are foreign. I’m almost up to 20,000 now. I’m a morning news anchor, consumer reporter… And I do post quite a bit and have been at my friend max for some time… But how or why Facebook decided I would make a great person to follow… Who knows. I’ve had to change my security settings a bit to avoid some postings… Other than that, I’m wondering how long this climb will continue? Look forward to following this thread.