Muslim students outraged by ad in Ohio State student paper

“I am extremely disappointed in The Lantern for allowing this ad to run,” says Ohio State University student Jana Al-Akhras. (The ad lists 10 terror suspects under the headline: “Former Leaders of the Muslim Student Association (MSA): Where Are They Now?”) “It was paid for. It is not an op-ed, and they had every right to deny it as hate speech.”

Lantern faculty adviser Dan Caterinicchia says the paper can reject ads that denigrate individuals, groups or organizations based on such things as race, nationality, ethnicity and religion, but “in this, the adviser and co-chair of the publications committee agreed that the ad did not violate the policy.”

Ayan Sheikh writes in the Lantern: “I consider myself to be a devout Muslim woman, and it hurts me dearly when I see people speak ill of a religion which I hold so dearly. Therefore, I understand when some, if not most Muslim students at Ohio State were offended by the ad that ran in Monday’s paper. However, I strongly believe the majority of students overreacted over the ad.”

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  1. Is it “hate speech” if it is true?